Back links are links to your own website from other external websites. They’re important because Google assumes that a website with good quality back links is trustworthy and relevant.

There are many organic ways to build back links to your website without needing to dabble in the mysterious dark arts of seo.

Getting back links to your website from other reputable websites is a great way to boost your seo strategy and get found on Google.

Other benefits include – free advertising, long term (or even permanent) promotion, raising general awareness and increased brand recognition.

Here are 12 great ways to generate back links –

1. List your website on appropriate local business directories.

2. Build relationships with relevant bloggers – ask to be featured or even to guest blog.

3. Submit your website to blog posts or forums asking for comments or feedback.

4. Bookmark your blog posts on social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon or Digg.

5. Update your social media profiles to include links to your website or blog pages.

6. Share your blog posts or web pages on social media.

7. Include links to your website or blog on social media posts.

8. Submit content or posts to content sharing platforms such as Medium.

9. Add your website or blog to your JustGiving page.

10. Create and share infographics on social media and other relevant directories.

11. Exchange back links for back links (tread carefully with this one).

12. If you have more than one domain name, make sure they link to each other.

Search engine optimisation strategy often involves implementing lots of individual tactics that work together to contribute towards positive results.

Back links should be viewed as a tactic within the overall long term strategy and not as a quick fix.

To find out more about search engine optimisation, check out my guide – SEO – How to optimise your website and get found on Google.

12 great ways to get more back links - Perro Freee Work Book

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