It’s important to protect your overall online presence. Ideally, this is something that you should think about as soon as possible when starting a business or developing your personal brand.

As your business grows, this will benefit you in many ways including helping you to develop sound seo strategy.

Check out this ‘To Do’ list!

1. Register appropriate domain names for your website and blog.

2. Choose your website hosting provider.

3. Set up and install Google Analytics.

4. List your domain name on relevant directory sites.

5. Research and establish key words and phrases for your search engine optimisation strategy.

6. Set up mailboxes for any email accounts that you will need.

7. Decide which Cloud storage provider to use.

8. Create a Skype account.

9. Choose which video hosting platform to use (YouTube or Vimeo?).

10. Create a new Google account and set up the Google apps that you intend to use.

11. Create your company LinkedIn page and update your personal one.

12. Establish relevant social media channels – eg Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and create accounts.

13. Select and set up your company email marketing service provider.

14. Decide on which blogging platform to use (, Blogger or Tumblr).

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