Content is a crucial part of marketing strategy! Without great content, you’ll struggle to captivate and engage anyone.

Creating content for your digital marketing strategy can be a time consuming task. Most small businesses that I work with are pressed for time and need to work smarter to implement their digital marketing strategy.

It’s well worth setting aside time for content. You’ll benefit from better results and a higher return on investment if you produce great content regularly.

I recommend that most of your content should start on your blog. Your blog is an important digital marketing tool because it’s likely that this space is ‘owned’ by you. When you ‘own’ a digital marketing space, you have full control over what happens in this space. You don’t ‘own’ your social media accounts. All of the major social networks could make significant changes to the channels tomorrow or shut your page down completely.

Obviously your content can be appropriately repurposed for your social media channels and email marketing campaigns, but I think taking the approach of creating content initially for a blog is the best option.

It makes sense to put most effort into ‘owned’ digital marketing space!

Here are 2 approaches to help you to consistently produce great content –

Have a blogging day (or half day) –

Simply set a day, or a half day aside at regular intervals throughout the year. This could be monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly – depending on how much content you need to produce.

This day or half day should be set in your diary in advance.

Any mobile devices (or anything else that will distract you) should be switched off.

Having time set aside where you can work with no distractions will encourage maximum productivity.

I’ve worked with clients who’ve taken this approach and then chosen to schedule all of the content that they created in these sessions.

Having content scheduled in advance is a great place to start from. This allows you to check into digital channels for a short space of time throughout your working week just to engage with people.


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Set yourself the 1 hour blog post challenge –

Procrastination and the constant search for perfection can often hinder content generation strategy.

This approach is more appropriate if you don’t feel able to set aside longer time slots. It relies on more frequent 1 hour slots. These slots would probably need to be set weekly or fortnightly.

Essentially you have 1 hour to write, publish your blog post, then share on social media.

howtoblog blogging

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I’ve recently worked with clients who’ve benefitted from both of these approaches. Which one would work for you?

Adopting one of these approaches will help your content! But producing great content will always be easier if you have a content strategy and plan.

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