5 Things You Need To Know About Social Media

5 Things You Need To Know About Social Media

These are the 5 C’s of Social Media.

On all social media channels content is king. If your content is weak and irrelevant, you’ll struggle to attract new followers and engage with existing ones. Your content needs to be tailored to the specific target market that you intend to engage with.

Developing likes, connections, friends and followers should be an integral part of your social media strategy. It’s good practice to actively engage with your target market, but also with colleagues, suppliers and other industry experts.

Your strategy should involve developing as much 2 way conversation with other social media uses as possible. It’s never a good idea to ‘shout about’ and ‘sell’ your product or service.

Consistency of posting or updating is crucial. Posting too much, or not posting enough will fail to attract and engage an audience. A steady, regular flow of relevant content over a long period of time is more appropriate.

Your social media shouldn’t be viewed as a standalone marketing activity. It should be effectively integrated into a coherent marketing strategy and plan.

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How to implement social media that will create impact

How to implement social media that will create impact

If you’re thinking about developing or updating your social media strategy, then it’s a great idea to ask the following Who, What, When, Where, Why, How questions.

Who’s Going To Manage It?
If you have other people in your business, then it’s a great idea to get them on board with your social media plans. You could always appoint a specialist agency or consultancy.

What Are You Going to Say?
Content is crucial! If you don’t have anything new, interesting or relevant to say, then nobody will engage and interact.

When Will You Post?
When you post will depend mainly on your target market. A constant flow of regular content will effectively engage an audience.

Where Will You Be Active?
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LInkedIn, Snap Chat? Knowing which channels to operate on will be a straight forward decision if you fully understand your target market.

Why Are You Using Social Media?
Without clearly defined aims and objectives, it will be impossible to measure the success and overall impact of your social media activity.

How Will You Build A Community?
Building and engaging with a relevant audience is key. Existing and potential customers, partners and stakeholders could form the cornerstones of your online community.

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See how easily you can use WordPress to create your blog

See how easily you can use WordPress to create your blog

WordPress, the worlds most popular content management system, currently powers around 75 million websites. It’s often the ‘go to’ platform to start blogging from.

WordPress bloggers need to choose between WordPress.com or WordPress.org. This often causes confusion, as there’s some important difference between the 2 options.

On WordPress.com it’s free to set up and host your blog, but overall functionality and flexibility is limited. Also, you would need to have ‘.wordpress’ in your name, so you can’t even control or move your own blog.

I advise bloggers to use WordPress.org and self-host their blog. There’s a small monthly fee associated with domain name registration and hosting, but increased functionality helps to create a more professional appearance. Unlike on WordPress.com, you actually ‘own’ your blog and have flexibility to move in the future.

Here are some of the other main benefits to using WordPress.org to drive your blog –

– WordPress is very easy to install. Most hosting providers now have an automatic WordPress installation feature.

– Content is easily managed and update through a simple interface, which is very similar to standard text editing software.

– If you do get stuck and require additional support, then there’s lots of material available from magazines, books to blogs and online forums.

– There are many templates and themes available to customise the look and style of your blog.

– There are lots of other compatible online tools and plug-ins, integration with these is often seamless.

– Excellent search engine optimisation principles ensure that WordPress blogs rank highly on search engines.

Find out more at https://wordpress.org.

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How to publish a landing page that will actually convert

How to publish a landing page that will actually convert

A landing page is a page that someone ‘lands’ on after clicking on a call to action from an online marketing campaign.

Landing pages ‘stand alone’ from other website pages, they’re specially designed to receive inbound campaign traffic.

Your landing page should be designed to fulfil only one single objective – usually to capture data from visitors.

Your landing pages should always –

Use great headlines to encourage visitors to carry out your desired outcome.

Be clutter free – remove anything that doesn’t really need to be present.

Not use menus, links or other navigation systems from your website. This will detract from your call to action.

Use short and concise persuasive text. Limit the amount of text wherever possible.

Include a strong single call to action – the purpose of your campaign, what you want the visitor to do.

Use a form to capture the required data and ‘convert’ the visitor.

Include social media sharing icons to encourage visitors to spread the word.

Several landing pages are often implemented throughout a website to support several different online marketing campaigns. Using individual pages makes the analytics and ’testing and measuring’ easier.

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