In todays world most businesses are actively engaging in a social media marketing strategy.

This makes sense – if you’re trying to develop your brand, then having a strong online presence is crucial.

For most individuals, the difficult part of social media strategy is knowing what to post.

No one wants to see pictures of what you had for your lunch yesterday (unless it’s relevant to your business).

All of your posts should fall into one of these three areas –

These are the only things you should be using social media marketing for.

Social Media Strategy Blog Posts

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1. To communicate your personality and values

Social media is the perfect marketing channel to ‘humanise’ your brand or business.

Larger organisations should use social media to allow people from within their business to become more ‘real’ and ‘approachable’. But even if your organisation is one person, or a very small team, it’s still a good idea to community your individual personality and values.

Publishing slightly ‘softer’ content around staff profiles, behind the scenes, corporate social responsibility, individual achievements / skills, entertaining / humorous, seasonal / topical and out of work achievements will help to achieve this objective.

As the old saying goes – people buy from people.

2. To demonstrate authority and expertise

Your social media marketing strategy should focus on demonstrating your expertise to build up authority within your audience and community.

You can do this is 2 ways –

Creating your own branded content,


Curating and sharing content created by others.

Creating your own branded content enables you to communicate your expertise directly to your niche target audience. Sharing content from other experts still helps you to become the ‘go to’ person for information in your sector.

As a general rule – aim for around 30% of your content to be created and around 70% to be curated.

Publishing and sharing case studies, educational articles, blog posts, how to guides, industry opinion, commentary, tips or advice will help to achieve this objective.

3. To build a community and connect

Social media is a great way to build a community of connections through friendships as well as business relationships.

Instead of always looking for new connections, it’s also a good idea to connect with existing clients, suppliers, contacts and associates.

There’s recently been a big shift towards social media groups. Creating your own group enables you to connect as the ‘expert’ and the ‘authority’.

Using your social media marketing strategy to actually build, connect and interact with your community will help to achieve this objective.

The Secrets of Social Media Marketing Strategy

Help with marketing – The Secrets of Social Media Marketing Strategy. Click here to find out more.

I advise that when implementing a social media marketing strategy, most businesses should aim to fulfil at least 2 of these objectives. It might not always be appropriate to fully maximise all 3 areas.

Social media is a fast moving marketing channel. Most people don’t always get it right first time. It’s important to test and measure everything! If your social media marketing strategy is not quite right, then adjust and develop it.

Hopefully these 3 areas will provide strong objectives and focus when developing your social media marketing content plan!

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