Are you looking for business networking tips to use at your next business networking event?

I think everybody should be attending business networking events! Business networking is a great way to expand your networks, acquire knowledge and make new connections.

Business networking is great for personal development and confidence building and it’s also the most cost effective way to generate new business opportunities!

There are lots of different business networking events. Some are more formal and structured, others are more relaxed. I advise finding the style of event that works for you!

Are you getting the most out of the business networking events that you attend? Do you have a business networking strategy that clearly defines your aims, objectives and goals? Is business networking ‘working’ for you?

This is my back 2 basics guide – how to improve your business networking – the best business networking tips –

Before we look at some business networking tips, lets ask ourselves why we attend regular business networking events?

Most people attend business networking events to find out about new business opportunities, make new connects with other links minded business people and to ultimately generate new enquiries or sales opportunities.

Here’s some other reasons why you should attend business networking events include –

Raise your (and your business) profile

Receive the right kind of advice

Increase your personal confidence

Become the ‘go to’ person

Developing new friends

Benefit from helping other people

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My first business networking tip – find the type of event that works for you!

These are the main different types of business networking events –

Casual Contact Events

Strong Contact Events

Community Groups and Forums

Industry Specific Networking

Conferences, Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Private Invitation Only Events

Social Groups

Women Only Networking

Initially I recommend attending lots of different types of networking events whilst keeping an open mind.

Different people naturally prefer different situations and environments.

When developing your networking strategy and plan, it’s important to know which events ‘work for you’ and make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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Ask yourself ‘why’ you attend business networking events!

Like all types of marketing activity, you’ll experience more positive results if you have a plan in place and have developed some key aims and objectives.

Why do you attend? What do you want to achieve? Is it worth your time? Are you wasting your time? What could you do better or differently?

All of these questions become a lot easier to answer if you actually have a strategy in place.

I like to break networking strategy into the following 3 stages –

1. Preparation – Preparing A Networking Strategy
2. Networking – What To Do At The Event
3. Following Up – What To Do After the Event

One of my favourite business networking tips – develop and practice your ‘elevator pitch’ –

According to Wikipedia the elevator pitch is – ‘A short summary used to quickly and simply define a process, product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition.’

At a networking event the likelihood is that people are going to ask you who you are and what you do. So it’s well worth developing and practicing your ‘elevator pitch’.

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The best business networking tip – Don’t forget to follow up –

The ‘follow up’ is crucial! There’s no point in attending lots of events and meeting lots of new contacts, then forgetting about these people as soon as the event has finished!

Following up isn’t about collecting as many business cards as possible then letting them gather dust on your desk.

The follow up is essentially doing what you said you would do within an acceptable timeframe! Not doing the follow up is simply unforgivable. In the long run it will only damage your credibility and reputation.

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So what is business networking really all about?

Don’t forget my definition of business networking –

‘Business networking is NOT about selling, it’s about building relationships built on trust.’

Business networking is about helping people! When you attend your next event and meet a new contact, ask yourself – how can I help this person!

Of all of the best business networking tips, this one really is the most important!

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