In social media marketing strategies Facebook or Instagram are often the ‘primary’ social media channel.

Don’t forget about LinkedIn –

Since launching in 2003 and attracting over 400 million global users, LinkedIn has became ‘the’ social networking site for professionals.

LinkedIn’s current user base is around 400 million global users, of which around 31% are aged between 30 and 49. If you operate in the b2b environment, then LinkedIn should probably be your primary social media channel!

LinkedIn has a lot to offer – it’s more than just a job searching tool!

Your LinkedIn social media marketing strategy should involve more than just logging in every so often to connect with a few people!

Here’s how to use LinkedIn more effectively in your social media marketing strategy –

Having a complete and up to date profile and making lots of connections is obviously a great place to start on LinkedIn. However, your LinkedIn strategy should involve more than just making connections.

Most people are guilty of logging in to their profile once or twice a month, connecting to a handful of people and then doing little or nothing else.

There’s more to LinkedIn than just making connections.

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LinkedIn aims to be ‘the’ place on the internet for professionals. LinkedIn provides training courses, groups and news stories as well as a broad range and variety of user generated content.

LinkedIn could be viewed as a search engine for connections? It’s a great place to search for prospects or influencers. It’s a fantastic channel for personal 1-2-1 marketing.

I like to view personal 1-2-1 marketing as more of a long term strategy. It’s never a good idea to try and instantly sell to a new LinkedIn connection. There’s nothing worse than receiving an automated message from a new connection asking if you want to attend their next event or buy their latest product.

A better approach would be to engage and nurture connections over a period of time.

As with traditional marketing, you’ll get a more positive response if a contact is ‘warm’ instead of ‘cold’.

As part of your social media marketing strategy you should be producing regular content.

Content is crucial on LinkedIn! Content should focus on communicating your personality and values along with enhancing your position as an expert in your industry. Content on LinkedIn can be published on both your personal and company pages.

On LinkedIn you need to be active! It’s a great idea to join groups and become involved in discussions. You should also be commenting and endorsing on a regular basis.

Approach LinkedIn with the aim and objective of helping your connections! What can you do to help somebody on LinkedIn?

You should only ever try to turn a LinkedIn ‘connection’ into an ‘opportunity’ when the time is right. You should only try to take ‘warm’ or ‘hot’ connections to the next level. If you get this right – then nobody should ever turn down your request.

A strategy for social selling on LinkedIn might look something like –

1. Connect with relevant people
2. Post relevant updates and content
3. Nurture and Engage
4. Make Contact

The cost of the premium LinkedIn options often puts people off. If you operate in the b2b business environment then it might be worth looking at something like Sales Navigator.

Some of the benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator include –

20 InMail™ messages

Advanced info on who’s Viewed Your Profile

Sales Insights

Unlimited people browsing

Advanced Search with Lead Builder

Lead recommendations and saved leads

As part of their Sales Navigator marketing, LinkedIn claims that top social selling professionals are 3 x more likely to exceed quota.

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There’s been quite a lot of changes recently on LinkedIn. I quite like the new look and feel! I think the changes have made the channel more intuitive and easy to use.

Changes to company pages have caused quite a bit of confusion. In essence LinkedIn is becoming more like Facebook –

On Facebook you have a personal account where you can make friends with people and follow business or brand pages.

On LInkedIn you have an individual account where you can make connections with others and follow company pages.

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