Creating content for your blog and digital marketing strategy can be a time consuming task. Most small businesses that I work with want to learn how to blog smarter and more efficiently.

Content is the heart and soul of any blog. Most bloggers spend hours or days trying to create great content that their audience will relate to and therefore want to engage with.

Your content has a shelf life! If you frequently create and share new content, then older content very quickly starts to fade into the background.

Repurposing allows you to adapt and develop older content to be used again, only in a different format.

Your old content could be repurposed into free downloads, infographics, courses, video or social media posts.

Here’s how to blog smarter and more efficiently! The best tips to repurpose content –

Repurpose text into audio, video or an infographic –
It’s good to experiment with different types of media. Your audience might respond better and therefore engage more with a certain type of media. It’s a good idea to do this to your older most popular blog posts.

Update your older posts –
Things naturally change and evolve over time. If some of your older popular blog posts are a little out of date, then it’s a good idea to update and reuse them.


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Combine older posts to create new longer posts –
Several shorter older blog posts can be combined to create one newer longer post. This will support your SEO strategy as Google prefers longer content.

Share all of your blog posts on social media –
As soon as you publish a new post, share the link across all of social media networks.

Turn old blog posts into social media posts –
Blog posts that contain a list of items or tips are ideal to turn into a series of social media posts.

Turn presentations into blog posts –
If you’re used to giving presentations in PowerPoint or Key Note, then check through some of your older slides and presentations. You’ll probably find content that you can adapt and use in your blog.

Repurpose a series of blog posts into an ebook –
If your blog posts fall into specific categories, then it might be a good idea to take a series of posts and turn them into a downloadable PDF or ebook.

Publish your very best content on platforms such as Medium –
Creating content for platforms like Medium doesn’t have to be a standalone activity and therefore require more time and effort. Your very best content can be adapted for different publishing platforms.

The main benefit of repurposing content is saving time. Instead of starting from scratch every time you need to create content, when you repurpose content a lot of the hard work has already been done.

Other benefits of repurposing content include –

Your messages will be communicated coherently and consistently.

You’ll find new methods to communicate your messages.

Your audience might respond and engage more effectively to different types of media.

Creating more content will support your search engine optimisation strategy.

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Discover how to blog. Check out my mini guide – Who else wants to blog like an expert?

Everyone should create great content and learn how to blog!

To find out more check out my Mini Guide – Who Else Wants To Blog Like An Expert.

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