Email Marketing is a fantastic way to communicate marketing messages to a large audience!

The new changes in legislation and the arrival of the GDPR shouldn’t put you off email marketing.

It’s great for keeping in touch with existing customers and contacts as well as targeting new ones. It’s also one of the most environmentally friendly ways to market your business.

Here’s my Top 6 email marketing blog posts. These posts provide hints, tips and support to help you get going with email marketing and continue to send great campaigns.

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Is your email marketing ready for the GDPR? Here’s what you need to know about the new legislation

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10 reasons why you should use MailChimp – how to do email marketing

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How to do email marketing – a guide on how to get started

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Why using CRM software will help you to do more successful email marketing

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How to use  data and statistics to improve your email marketing campaigns!

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How to use email marketing to communicate your message and win more customers

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Mini Guide – Discover how to run successful email marketing campaigns.

To implement fantastic email marketing strategy I recommend using the following 5 step process –

Step 1. Build Your Mailing List
Step 2. Define Your Audience and Set Goals
Step 3. Choose Your Email Provider
Step 4. Create and Send Campaigns
Step 5. Understand the Results

The most powerful benefit of email marketing is that the available data and statistics – it’s almost impossible to not obsessively ‘test and measure’ the progress of your campaigns.

I’m sure you will experience success from email marketing! Stick with it! Your campaigns will take time to build up momentum.

How to do great marketing and win more customers

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