Choosing to implement networking into your marketing strategy is a great idea!

Networking can be fantastically rewarding! It’s great for personal development and confidence building, but most importantly it’s probably the most cost effective way there is to generate new business.

I think everybody should include some form of networking in their overall marketing plan!

If you’ve tried networking before and not enjoyed it, then you’ve probably attended events that just aren’t right for you.

If you need to become a better networker, check out my Top 7 business networking blog posts. These posts provide hints, tips and support to help you shine at business networking events!

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The best business networking tip – don’t forget to follow up!

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How to use business cards to make your networking more effective

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Top 6 tips to survive (and enjoy) your next networking event!

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Business networking tips – the main reasons why you should participate in business networking

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Are you attending the right kind of networking events?

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How to make a great first impression at your next networking event

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5 things to avoid doing at your next networking event

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Think about your networking strategy! Find the right events to attend. Don’t forget the follow up… make sure you follow up by doing whatever you said you would do!

The most important thing is to get out there and enjoy it!
Create a plan, be realistic, stick to it, test and measure everything, then review the plan and adapt accordingly.

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