Social media marketing can be difficult! We all know what it feels like when you know that you should post something on social media, but you have no idea what to post.

Generating great quality, sharable content across lots of different social media channels can be a challenge.

As part of your overall and social media marketing strategy, I recommend creating (and sticking to) a content plan.

To help your social media marketing strategy, here’s some ideas on the types of categories that you could post content from –

Take your audience ‘behind the scenes’

Featuring different areas your place(s) of work, or team members helps to communicate a more softer and personal side to your business or brand.

Social Media Strategy - things that you should be doing on Twitter

Help with marketing – Thinks that you should be doing on Twitter

Ask appropriate questions

Try asking your audience questions that are relevant to your product / service. A great way to interact with people is to actually show an interest in their thoughts and opinions. People are more likely to respond to something if you ask them to.

Share your blog posts

Blogging is a great way to drive more traffic to your website. It’s also a great way to generate unique branded content that can be shared on social media.

You don’t necessarily need to share a complete blog post. A snippet might be enough?

Show your audience what inspires you

Sharing inspirational pictures and quotes is a great way to show your audience what makes you tick. Posts that you contain images and video are more likely to be successful and have greater reach.

Use case study’s or infographics to show how you make a difference

Instead of posting images of your product / service or latest special offers, try to communicate how you add value, make a difference and create impact. Case study’s and infographics are a great way to communicate this.

Share customer news and other peoples success stories

If your customers (or any of your social media following) have had some good news, then feature and share this good news with your own following.

Post seasonal content

Check your calendar for up and coming important dates – e.g. Shrove Tuesday, Valentines Day, Mothers Day… Also, there’s often a ‘national day of something’. Could you tailor specific content to coincide with these dates?

Share knowledge with your audience

Posting relevant industry specific tips and advice to help your audience is a great way to build credibility and position yourself as the ‘go to’ expert in your field.

Create your own hashtag

Having a small set of unique hashtags that are relevant to your product / service can kickstart ideas for content.

You could also opt to post content around existing popular hashtags.

The Secrets of Social Media Marketing Strategy

Help with marketing – The Secrets of Social Media Marketing Strategy. Click here to find out more.

I recommend picking maybe 4 – 6 of these content generation categories. The idea then is to continuously post regular content around your chosen categories.

You could allocate a chosen category to a specific day or time in the week.

When working with clients I’ve found that this approach not only makes content generation a lot easier, but also more fun!

This approach is also much more productive and beneficial than posting and sharing a picture of your lunch.

As always, I suggest creating a plan, sticking to it and most importantly – test and measure everything!

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