Most individuals or businesses that I speak to are looking to get more website traffic. This isn’t surprising! Getting your website seen by as many people as possible is an integral part of marketing and digital marketing strategy!

Search Engine Optimisation is seen by many as a mysterious dark art, but the majority of impact can be created through implementing good ‘house keeping’ and simple tactics.

If you look after your website, manage and update it frequently, then it will rank higher on Google and you’ll naturally get more website traffic.

Here’s some simple tips and advice to help you get more website traffic –

Make sure your website is fully mobile responsive
A good percentage of your website traffic will come from mobile devices. If you operate in the b2c sector, then this percentage will be even higher. On mobile search, Google penalises websites that aren’t fully mobile responsive.


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Update your website as often as possible (a blog is great for this)
To encourage Google to continuously ’scan’ or ‘index’ your website, it’s a good idea to frequently add new content. Maintaining a good blog and having targets for frequency of posts is a great way to achieve this.

Use sound navigation and structure
If your website is easy to use and easy to navigate, then users will spend more time on it. If your menu and links are clear and obvious, users will move easily from page to page.

Think about using landing pages – people will ‘land’ on different pages
Landing pages are a great tool to support a range of specific marketing campaigns. Landing pages can also help to bring more traffic to your website. Find out more about Landing Pages.

Use video – embed YouTube or Vimeo into your website
Video is a great tool to communicate your unique messages! Having video on your website will help to make your pages more ‘sticky’ and increase the duration and session time of the visits. Google likes video – video can help your website to rank higher on Google.

On your contact page embed a Google map
Generally speaking Google loves anything that is Google! Use an embedded Google map on your contact page, or other relevant pages.

Use interactive forms and sign up boxes
Encourage users to ‘sign up’ or make an enquiry through interactive boxes and forms on your website.

Use strong ‘calls to action’ (CTA’s) throughout your website
Don’t neglect calls to action! CTA’s are a great way to encourage your visitors to do exactly what you want them to do! Find out more about CTA’s.

Embed social media feeds into your website
Social media feeds embedded into your website are a great way to show visitors that you have a digital and social presence. As well as helping your seo strategy, these feeds will also help you to attract more social media followers.

Use social sharing tools
Social sharing tools encourage and enable your visitors to easily share your content through their own social media channels. Depending on the social media channel, users can often share your content with one single click.


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Search engine optimisation is rarely a quick fix – it takes time. Don’t try to cheat Google! It’s always a good idea to start with some basic good management and practice.

Be mindful of the things that Google is looking for, but understand that good management and practice will organically increase your search engine rankings.

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