Learning how to blog is a great way to cost effectively market your business! Blogging is one of the fastest ways to become recognised as an expert in your industry or field.

Setting up your blog, figuring out how to blog and publishing great content are the important first steps! Understanding how to use your blog to drive traffic to your website is when you start to really maximise your blog!

Some people think of their blog as being the place where content eventually ends up. They typically publish content on social media channels before it makes its way to their blog. My approach works on the basis that your blog should be the place where your content actually starts its journey.

I also believe that your blog should be ‘owned’ by you. Platforms like Blogger and Tumblr are great for amateurs or hobby based brands. But if you want to be taken seriously, then it’s worth investing a relatively small amount of money to operate on a platform that you have total control of.

Here are some great strategies – how to blog like an expert and drive more traffic to your website –

The headline is crucial! Craft intriguing and interesting headlines that will encourage your audience to ‘click through’ to read more.

Use social media sharing icons on all of your blog posts. Encouraging your readers to share your posts is always a good idea. The sharing icons should be positioned prominently on the page.


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Ensure your blog posts are fully optimised for Google. Your blog posts should contain your key words and phrases in areas including the headline, first line of text, headings and sub headings, categories and links, alt text on images and other internal and external links.

Use a strong ‘call to action’ (CTA) on all of your blog posts! Don’t neglect the call to action! CTA’s are the best way to encourage your visitors to do exactly what you want them to do!

Share your blog posts at least once on all of your social media networks.

Publish your best posts on platforms like Medium.

Guest blog! Approach other bloggers and ask if you can create content for their blog.

Maximise email marketing. On a regular basis email all or even just your best blog posts to your subscribers.

Repurpose your blog content. Your blog posts can easily be transformed into a series of social media posts, infographics or video.

Keep an eye on your statistics. If you know what topics, categories and type of posts work well, then you should be creating more like this.

howtoblog blogging

Discover how to blog. Check out my mini guide – Who else wants to blog like an expert?

If you’re not already blogging, then why not? You should learn how to blog! It’s a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website!

Starting a blog will take a while and some effort to set up, but when you’re up and running it’s a great marketing tactic that can support and enhance your overall marketing and digital marketing strategy.

To find out more check out my Mini Guide – Who Else Wants To Blog Like An Expert.

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