A strap line is a short phrase that works alongside your brand identity to communicate your organisations proposition, personality and helps to differentiate it from your competition.

Here’s some quick thoughts on what strap lines should be –

Short – ideally 5 words maximum.

Unique – so that it can be trademarked and registered.

Evocative – to create a positive response.

Memorable – easy for the target market to remember.

Usable – work alongside other brand elements and in a small font.

Communicate – the core idea, personality and values of your organisation.

A strap line generally falls into one of these categories –

Describes exactly what your product, service or business does.

Usually includes the benefit and describes the positive outcomes associated with your product or service.

Important and commanding. A strong call to action.

Positions your product or service as the best in class.

Usually includes a literary device to make it more unique and memorable.

More thought provoking. Usually asking a question.

Designed to create feelings that a consumer will experience when using the product or service.

Homemade Cakes by Jane could use –

Homemade cakes for weddings and events
For that very special occasion
How do you live without them?
The finest homemade cakes
Make, Bake, Eat!
Like nothing you’ve ever tasted?
Rich, warm and comforting

Let me know if you’re thinking of developing a new strap line.

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