A landing page is a page that someone ‘lands’ on after clicking on a call to action from an online marketing campaign.

Landing pages ‘stand alone’ from other website pages, they’re specially designed to receive inbound campaign traffic.

Your landing page should be designed to fulfil only one single objective – usually to capture data from visitors.

Your landing pages should always –

Use great headlines to encourage visitors to carry out your desired outcome.

Be clutter free – remove anything that doesn’t really need to be present.

Not use menus, links or other navigation systems from your website. This will detract from your call to action.

Use short and concise persuasive text. Limit the amount of text wherever possible.

Include a strong single call to action – the purpose of your campaign, what you want the visitor to do.

Use a form to capture the required data and ‘convert’ the visitor.

Include social media sharing icons to encourage visitors to spread the word.

Several landing pages are often implemented throughout a website to support several different online marketing campaigns. Using individual pages makes the analytics and ’testing and measuring’ easier.

Perro Freee Work Book

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