If you’re thinking about blogging and how to blog, then you’re probably most concerned with generating quality content and attracting large numbers of readers.

You’re right to focus on content and audience, but generating comments is another area that deserves some serious thought!

When your audience leaves a comment, it’s a sign that they’re actually reading your blog post and are engaged and interested enough to take the time to leave something for you in return.

If a new reader is checking out one of your blog posts, then they’re more likely to have a positive attitude and quickly respect you as a blogger if they see comments.

Comments on your posts will help to create a sense of authority around your blog. They can also help with seo and the ranking of your blog on Google. When somebody comments, they’re essentially updating your post. Google will index your post based around the text from the comment area.

If you’re thinking about how to blog, here’s the best ways to get more people to comment on your blog posts –

Craft the perfect headline
The headline is always a crucial part of any blog post. Your headline is the main consideration when your audience decides whether or not to read your post. Traffic is obviously really important! If no one reads your post, then no one comments.

Make sure you’re publishing great content
The quality and possibly more importantly the relevance of your content is also crucial! Your content has to appeal and resonate with your audience. It has to create emotion or a spark to encourage your readers to comment.


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Email and share your blog posts
Statistics suggest that clicks from your email marketing campaigns or social media channels will create higher levels of engagement from your audience on your blog posts. I think regular readers and loyal fans are more likely to comment than someone who stumbles across your blog for the first time.

Check the set up of your blog
It sounds obvious – but make sure you blog is set up to allow comments. Also make sure that your blog is set up to encourage comments. Areas including ‘Notify users on replied to their own comments’ and ‘show newest comments first’ should be considered.

Interact with your audience
It’s crucial to respond to readers who have left comments on your posts. They may have asked a question which requires a reply from you. If they’ve just left a short comment, then it’s worth checking in to thank or acknowledge them.

Finish your blog posts with a question
If you finish your post with a question then you’re inviting users to react and leave a comment. Your audience is more likely to respond if you actually ask them to. People are often keen to express their opinion, so you need to invited them to do so.

Make sure your posts have an opinion
Generally speaking, your most controversial blog posts will generate the most comments. I’m not suggesting that you should be overly confrontational, but it’s important to have an opinion. Your audience may choose to disagree with your viewpoint and could choose to leave negative comments. You’ll need a strategy to deal with these types of comments.

howtoblog blogging

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The tips in this list are genuine authentic strategies that most bloggers should be able to effectively implement. They’re not hacks or quick fixes.

Let me know how you get on!

Send me a link to your blog or your favourite blog post! I’ll do my best to leave a comment!

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