In a recent blog post – ‘Some quick tips and fixes to help kick start your social media marketing strategy’ I advised that you should check that your profile and header images are the correct size.

Recently there’s been some changes to how the main social media channels display and resize profile images to display on mobile devices.

You should also give consideration to how the social media channels resize the images contained in your actual posts.

If your call to action or a crucial part of your image is cropped, then you’re missing an opportunity to effectively communicate your message.

Images are obviously a hugely important part of your social media marketing strategy. On all social media marketing channels, posts with images always attract a greater interaction and engagement than text only posts.

It would be easy if one image size worked for different purposes across multi channels, but unfortunately it’s not that straight forward.

To help your social media marketing strategy, here is an image size guide for posting on the main social media channels –


Facebook will decide the dimensions to display your image depending on whether it’s landscape, portrait or square.

Landscape images will always display at 476 pixels wide with the height adjusted to fit.

Portrait images will also display at 476 pixels wide with the height adjusting up to 714 pixels.

Square images will display at 476 pixels x 477 pixels.

It’s worth bearing in mind that image preview for shared links are scaled to 476 pixels wide x 249 pixels high.

When multiple images are added to a post, Facebook will display these at 300 pixels square.

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On desktop Twitter will always display your images at 506 pixels wide with the height being adjusted accordingly to a maximum of 474 pixels.

For display on mobile, Twitter will slightly crop your images, but still display them in a landscape format.

When you upload multiple images to Twitter, they will be cropped in a square format. The first image that you upload will always be displayed the largest.


In the users feed Pinterest images are displayed at a width of 236 pixels with the height scaling accordingly to a maximum of 800 pixels.

When an image is clicked on, the width expands to 564 pixels with the height again scaling accordingly.

Pinterest advise a proportion of 2:3 with a maximum width of 600 pixels.


Users still assume that images for Instagram should be square. Although this is still common, Instagram images don’t have to be square.

For maximum resolution, your square images for Instagram should be 1080 pixels square.

Landscape images should be 1080 pixels wide x 566 pixels high and portrait images 1080 pixels wide by 1350 pixels high.


LinkedIn is probably the most straight forward social media channel for displaying images.

Images should be 522 pixels wide x 368 pixels high.

Company page images will display slightly differently. These will be scaled to fit 436 pixels wide x 228 pixels high.

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I hope this size guide helps with your social media marketing strategy.

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