I hope you enjoyed the festive break! It’s a great time to refresh and recharge your batteries. Hopefully by now you’re back into the swing of things and starting to update your strategy and plan your marketing activity for 2018.

These are my predictions for the 10 major digital marketing trends in 2018 –

Mobile internet usage will continue to rise
Your customers will check out your website, blog and social media channels more using smart phone. Over 50% of internet usage is now mobile. Recent research suggests that mobile search continues to rise at around 25% year on year.

Social media will continue to ‘grow up’
Social media is now an important and significant marketing tactic. In 2017 I think social media marketing became recognised as a tactic that could actually ‘convert’. Organisations started to realise that social media marketing could deliver results and help them to meet objectives. This trend will continue to rise in 2018.

Organisations will dedicate more resource to content marketing
Research suggests that content marketing will become a higher priority for organisations in 2018. I like to think of ‘content’ as a stand alone activity. It’s difficult to do anything in digital marketing without generating great content.

Everything digital will become personalised
In 2017 we saw personalised content continue to grow. In 2018 more brands will look to offer a complete online personalised experience. Consumers will benefit from a unique and personal experience tailored to their specific preferences and requirements.

Social Media advertising will continue to rise
A lot of organisations that I work with have started to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. These channels are cost effective to advertise on and relatively simple to create and manage adverts. In 2018 social media advertising will have more purpose – organisations will advertise with specific goals and objectives.

Social Media Strategy - things that you should be doing on Twitter

Help with marketing – Thinks that you should be doing on Twitter

Twitter will continue to demise (unless it totally repositions and drastically reinvents itself)
Throughout 2017 most social channels experienced some form of growth. Twitter was the exception to this trend. We’ve seen changes on the channel already with the character count of tweets rising from 140 to 280 characters. This appears to have made no difference to the size of the user base. At the moment I think Twitter is suffering from an identity crisis – unless this changes quickly, it will continue to become less significant.

Instagram will continue to grow rapidly
Almost everyone that I work with is now using Instagram for business. In 2017, Instagram reported that over 800 million people use the channel each month. Their latest addition, Instagram Stories is becoming a real rival to SnapChat. Instagram will continue to grow and become the key social media channel in 2018.

Social Selling will become more popular, especially on LinkedIn
In 2017, LinkedIn went through quite a lot of significant changes and kind of had a mini relaunch. LinkedIn has essentially became the Facebook for business. In 2018 individuals will start to use LinkedIn for more than just connecting to people. Organisations will start to share more content on business pages.

Search strategies will be implemented across multi channels
Getting found is a key part of the inbound marketing process. In 2017 most organisations implemented some form of search engine optimisation strategy. In 2018 seo strategies won’t just be limited to websites and blogs. Social media and other online channels will become part of search engine optimisation strategy.


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Video will continue to rise and YouTube will continue to dominate
In 2017 we saw video continue to rise across all digital platforms and channels. Recent data suggests that YouTube is actually a more popular search engine than Google. According to the Drum, YouTube viewers watch over a billion hours of video each day and Facebook users see over 8 billion videos every day. In 2018, these numbers will continue to rise.

What do you think to my predictions? Am I wide of the mark? Have I missed anything?

I’m looking forward to reviewing this post towards the end of 2018.

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