WordPress, the worlds most popular content management system, currently powers around 75 million websites. It’s often the ‘go to’ platform to start blogging from.

WordPress bloggers need to choose between WordPress.com or WordPress.org. This often causes confusion, as there’s some important difference between the 2 options.

On WordPress.com it’s free to set up and host your blog, but overall functionality and flexibility is limited. Also, you would need to have ‘.wordpress’ in your name, so you can’t even control or move your own blog.

I advise bloggers to use WordPress.org and self-host their blog. There’s a small monthly fee associated with domain name registration and hosting, but increased functionality helps to create a more professional appearance. Unlike on WordPress.com, you actually ‘own’ your blog and have flexibility to move in the future.

Here are some of the other main benefits to using WordPress.org to drive your blog –

– WordPress is very easy to install. Most hosting providers now have an automatic WordPress installation feature.

– Content is easily managed and update through a simple interface, which is very similar to standard text editing software.

– If you do get stuck and require additional support, then there’s lots of material available from magazines, books to blogs and online forums.

– There are many templates and themes available to customise the look and style of your blog.

– There are lots of other compatible online tools and plug-ins, integration with these is often seamless.

– Excellent search engine optimisation principles ensure that WordPress blogs rank highly on search engines.

Find out more at https://wordpress.org.

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