Facebook should be part of your social media marketing strategy! It’s easily the biggest and most used social media channel.

Facebook currently boasts a global user base of individual and business, male and female, of all ages from teenager to pensioner.

Generating user engagement should obviously be a huge part of your social media marketing and Facebook strategy.

Attracting likes and shares is a fantastic way to increase your presence on social media and potentially drive more traffic to your website or blog.

Here’s some tips on how to get more Facebook likes and shares –

Ensure that your Facebook profile is correct and up to date.

Make sure your header and profile pictures are relevant to your page and sized and cropped correctly.

Update your Facebook page regularly – ideally at least once a day.

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Invite your personal Facebook friends to like your business page.

Post relevant and amazing content that people will want to engage with.

Use images, video and infographics in as many posts as possible.

Ask open questions to encourage your following to comment on your posts.

Connect to Twitter to automatically tweet your Facebook posts.

Follow other appropriate pages.

Like, comment and share content from other relevant pages.

Run competitions that require your following to give your posts a like.

Link to your Facebook page from your website, blog, email marketing campaigns, email signatures,
other social media channels and any other relevant digital marketing activity.

Use the Facebook widget on your website and blog so that visitors can like your page without having to actually visit Facebook.

Share your Facebook posts across the other social media channels that you’re active on.

Create your own and join groups ran by others.

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Facebook shouldn’t be overlooked! It should be part of your social media strategy! It’s the largest (and it’s still growing) social media platform. Statistics suggest that over 60% of adults use Facebook, with over 70% of users checking in daily.

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