Everyone should start a blog! If you’re not blogging, then why not? You should be!

I often meet and speak to people who want to start a blog, but are scared to do so. There’s really nothing to be scared of! It will take a while and some effort to set up, but when you’re up and running it’s a great marketing tactic that can support and enhance your overall marketing and digital marketing strategy.

Blogging is easy to implement and a cost effective marketing strategy for you personally or for your business.

Blogs are a highly reliable and trusted source of information online. Around 80% of online users read blog content.


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If you start a blog, you will –

Become a better writer.

Learn more, as you naturally research for your posts.

See things from a new or deferent perspective.

Boost your digital marketing strategy.

Increase self confidence and achieve personal satisfaction.

Increase self discipline.

Push you further, or completely away from your comfort zone (this is a good thing!).

Stay in touch with your personal online community.

Improve your seo and help to drive more traffic to your website.

Build and engage with a wider audience.

Create unique content that can then be shared on your social media channels.

Build credibility and authority.

Help you to become an expert, or the ‘go to’ person in your field.

Inspire and help others.

I’ve created a simple 5 step approach to help you to get started with blogging –

Step 1. Choose Your Blogging Platform

Step 2. Set Up Your Blog

Step 3. Decide What To Blog About

Step 4. Publish Your First Post

Step 5. Continue To Publish Great Content

howtoblog blogging

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Find out more in my marketing mini guide – How To Blog Like An Expert.

Like many other things in life, if you don’t start doing this now, in a years time you’ll certainly wish that you had!

Let me know how you get on! Send me a link to your blog! Share your favourite blog posts with me!

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